Mansholt-lecture by Minister of Finance The Netherlands EUROPE is in LUCK

The Association of European Journalists organised the 11th Sicco L. Mansholt-lecture by W. Bos, Dutch Minister of Finance. During this lecture the Vice-premier throwed light upon European topicalities. In view of the occurrences concerning the financial markets, it became a captivated afternoon.

In the Hague, city of justice and piece, Keynes becomes fully alive on 12 November 2008 in a Europe that is taken for granted. In these days Europe is present and represents. There are uninhibited chances to provide Europe with new energy. We lost fatalistic trust in the free market operations. Trade became more important than the product itself. Another chance is unlearn the greed. More is not always better. More morality is needed. Self-cleaning ability of the financial institutions still fall short of the mark. Crisis started by a lack of cooperation, not by cooperation.
Except the financial and economic crisis energy and climate were also issued.

Einstein after the same questions within two years: "the questions stay the same, but the answers have changed."