Last Friday Ireland have said no against the European Reform Treaty. As analyst and expert I stated that about 1,2 million people put a break through which 495 million citizens has to wait on further building on European integration and coorperation.
Now European governments, the European Union and Europeans find oneselves in a extraordinary position.

All the studies, policies and meetings in creating a more transparant and democratic form of government seemed to become worthless. New ways have te be found to solve the deadlock and valuable time that Europa needs to focus on the future will be lost. Because of the entered problem and from out my perception the now arised paradoxal situation, I like to know the reasons of the 'no' voting.

After all, reality is totally disproportionate to aimed intentions. Existing treaties does not allow pull back of countries. So, the Irish condemned themselves to Europa, while they give prove of not.  

Tuesday I attend at CEPS (www.ceps.eu) the seminar 'Democracy's International Challenges'. Perhaps it is possible to give me clarity about the 'no'-reasons and the follow up to a successful end