• who want to contribute to society and who see the usefulness and necessity of

  tolerance, a way of life based on ethics, basic virtues, justice, beauty, truth and greatness
an enlightened spirit and reasoning
knowledge of history and using it for broadest positive impact
to be aware of today's issues and come up with solutions to resolve problems in societies
  • who want to meet, to participate and to contribute in developments in the field of:
sustainability and

and their consequences for our society
  • who bring progress in a state of flourishing, good fortune and/or successful social status in an as good as possible fair and decent way
Thinking and talking about the questions that really matter. How are we to live? How can we shape our future? Can we learn from our past? Which values and ideas are important, and what are they based on? Be at the centre of the Western cultural and philosophical debate in the best European humanist tradition and in the spirit of tolerance and erudition:

Nexus Institute


because of its climate of intellectual tolerance, its research and graduate schools and institutes:

Leiden University

and for policy research on a wide range of policy areas, the forum for debate on EU affairs:

Centre for European Policy Studies

Integration of worldly goods and spiritual aspirations is the foundation for human well-being and happiness. To achieve this fundamentally beneficial and requisite integration, we need a moral community in which to live which provides scope and vision for our aspirations and talents:

Caux Round Table for Moral Capitalism

Council for Inclusive Capitalism

Convention of Independent Financial Advisors

A new space where everyone (and everything) can become part of a solution to a 21st-century challenge.
The challenges to tackle are complex problems that involve multiple stakeholders and cannot be solved by a single company, industry, or state. They have a global societal and economic impact, and are tied to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs):


Global BlockchainBusiness Council