What's up with the so called Constitutional Treaty (CT)?

There were two no's. There was a reflection period. In december as well by citizens as by government circles some (short) articles and comments were published. Now the German Presidency will give strong impuls.

Of course it would be stupid and a terrible waiste "if we throw the CT (and our future?) away". The CT is a basis for the residents. It speaks of fundamental principles that everyone wants. At the last it is very extraordinary that groups of people have said no against the treaty. Did they said no against principles such as dignity, freedoms, equality, solidarity, citizens' rights and justice?

That's still not to believe. The mentioned principles made Europe what it is nowadays: peaceful, welfare, prosperous. Worth to cherish. Opposite principles delivers us anarchism, war, barbarism and so on.

Browse through the Treaty and convince yourself about the need of it. Absorb the content and conclude the need of the CT. Europe needs fundamental principles, laid down in a C.T. (pact, charter, covenant). Not a C.T. that pulls power away from national countries and that takes the place of national constitutions, but one that consolidates and complements. With such a design common policies concerning important fields as foreign policy (enlargement, immigration), energy (sustainability, climate-control), security (control of terrorism) and employment can be much more strongly performed.