DUNAVISION is an exciting initiative to deliver sustainable change and developmentDUNAVISION involves journeying together along the whole length of the Danube, through thirteen regios, to explore how the diverse cultural, natural, historical, political and economic riches can be harnessed to help realize the huge potential for practical and deliverable future sustainability. 

Change comes from people and our fundamental approach is to enable everyone involved to meet each other, to communicate, to share and learn together. As an open society initiative DUNAVISION was created by organisations (NGOs) and individuals to create the right opportunities, time and space for everyone involved to exchange ideas, hopes, insights and experiences. We hope that our open and encouraging environment for sustainability will help all participants to realise their potential, talents and experience and together make the right things happen in the right places. We hope to foster bottom up projects and initiatives to deliver sustainable development in many areas both small and large, in many different countries involving people of all ages and backgrounds. All are welcome!

DUNAVISION invites those concerned about sustainability to travel alongside them for all, or part of the way, of the whole length of the Danube from its source in the Black Forest to its mouth at the Delta in the Black Sea. During this journey through Austria, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary, Moldova, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia and Ukraine we shared experience and knowledge between people of different generations, diverse backgrounds, cultures and life experience.
Each person created their own journey for all or part of the way joining and leaved as they wish, but all experiencing many cultures, the beauty and diversity of the natural environment and meeting a wide range of people from many different paths in life. The journey was solitary and/or highly social, peaceful and/or packed with creative interactions. Everyone was able to share ideas, talents, knowledge and learned from each other particularly about the Eco-Social Impact for our Societies. Some joined the Innovators for Sustainability program, which is an intensive Eco-Social Entrepreneur program to implement change, others learned in the TRIZ thinking stream about systematic innovation or the Civil Society stream how to create impact in your community.
The Journey’s pace mentally and physically was at a comfortable “human speed”, of about 20 km per day. Everyone could join in, and all travelled together but in many different ways and choosed whatever suited most - walking, cycling, driving, or taking buses or boats but basically choosed the best means of transport. As we covered the 3000 km through 14 countries we, with open minds and a spirit of optimism, together abled to learn, meditate, reflect, inspire and share, slowed down when necessary to celebrate our journey for sustainability together but also speeded up for the grand idea of creating impact for yourself and for our society.

DUNAVISION, the caravan of change. 3000km, 14 countries, 6 months