It seems that all natural laws during the birth of the universe are very precisely aligned to give life a chance. That's very coincidental and why there is conjecture that our universe is but one in a huge amount of universes that are born continiously. You can see it as a cosmic lottery. Every now and then there is a universe in which life has a chance.

After creation of earth "the Lord God took the man and put him in the Garden of Eden to work it and take care of it". We went building our civilization, our human condition and development of new customer values. In large parts liberal democracy, social market economy and humanistic principles was adopted and in other parts adherence to codified belief. But present time, using rude language, oppression, intimidation, aggression, threats and violence, the right to achieve chaos is fully exploited. One religion is true over the other, authoritarian leadership and lack of spiritual values rules. Again we ignore the humanities, we ignore to give truly meaning and we exclude other peoples, simply because we do not want it or we lack enough knowledge. What's left then when truth, beauty and greatness are not there? With such a way of life we've a big problem.

"We have different cultures. What can we do? We can only tolerate each other"said Slavoj Žižek. Engage therefore ongoing dialogues between world of thoughts, strive to a fair balance between reason, religion and state, overcome revenge and resentments, (re)boost philosophical attitudes to life, and provide credible future promises by credible reflectors.

We are living on a planet with more than 7 billion people. Generally spoken, man aspires a state of flourishing, thriving, good fortune and/or successful social status. In sight then comes distribution of resources and wealth with the corresponding political governance, a sustainable economic model, multilateralism (the role of IO's, international supervisory bodies), solidarity and development of new customer value. Solidarity, unity which produces or is based on unities of interests, objectives, standards, and sympathies, is needed to prevent normlessness and feelings of exclusion and aimlessness.

From history, we learned phenomena and impact of transformations: injustice, fear of disintegration of society, exploitation of the working mass, normlessness and feelings of exclusion and aimlessness caused by example the Protestant Reformation, the transition from premodern to modern society, and the Industrial Revolution. Fortunately, great sociologists, philosophers, economists and theologians saw the disadvantages of transformations, which helped to think about solutions for the communities.