'Firstly NATO seems like a huge stone: heavy, difficult, and not so flexible. The question is same the answer. There are some principles, that would be great to improve there.

The NATO is a common economical military organisation, which could be great to protect their members interests and the near future concerning economic war that will be focused on the gas, oil, rare metal, uran, and water. Russia would like to get the first and monopol supplier of raw materials with the third largest devisa puffer, and it is not unthinkable he want to annex the old members of Sovjetunion. The annex is kept according to the Serbian and Kosovo affair. But Russia is strong, but it is put aside the money and money concentration. The money moving is drowen the global political business. Politics is always business, but the business is not often politics.

The NATO and the EU should found an energy-solution, which is independent from Russia. It looks not difficult. The technical environment is in our pocket, the method is known since the XIX-century, the question is that: could the business change a paradigma? If yes, we will not need russian row materials.

And what will be in Afganistan? There are two serious neigbourhood: Iran and Pakistan. The NATO has need a central country, where it could control and check the two nations. Afganistan has many drugdealers, deep caves and mines, which is not so well if they are not protected. The truth is very close to us, what it is in the other side of the Earth. NATO and Russia would like to build and ensure their support. Discord came from the difference in forms of government. Democracy is faced to the black and gray economics and is not the best political form in Russia.
USA: in the next 4 years will get some new aspects. The main point must be Israel questions. The politics pressure against Iran, Cuba, Lybia will decrease.'

FE: some Afghans say if the Cashmere-issue could be solved, there would be no war anymore in Afghanistan and environment.