Country of the Black Mountains

Montenegro, alias Crna Gora: a côte dázur, canyons and a world heritage, situated within a surface not larger than Flanders in Belgium. The bay of Kotor is Europe's most south situated fjord and created to make a tour. Ever the Adriatic see carved deep into the coast and mountains. Beautiful lakes and cities came into existence including little islands with baroque churches.

Kotor itself is Venice without water: asymetric streets and flued situated churches. Around the old city a thick city wall was build. On the wall you can see the bays and you get an impression of the mighty position of the city.

Montenegro, opened out in 2006 from Serbia, has also one of the oldest settlements along the Adriatic coast, the largest lake of the Balkan (Skadarsko Jezero) and a ski and walking resort (Kolasin). The Montenegrins fought 77 wars in the last 5 centuries; against Turks, Albanians and Austrians.

The largest National Park is Durmitor, direction of river Tara (tear of Europe).

Skadarsko Jezero
Durmitor national park Tara river canyon Bay of Kotor

In December 2009, Montenegro was granted a Membership Action Plan, the final step in an application for membership in the organization. A formal invitation was issued by the alliance on 2 December 2015, with accession negotiations concluded with the signature of an accession protocol in May 2016. The accession of Montenegro to NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) was agreed April 11, 2017 by the US by signing the ratification document.