The recent crisis in Europe was gave course for Society and Enterprise Foundation (SMO) to devote a symposium on the future of Europa and the Euro. This crisis started for the greater part through mutual, uncontrolled intertwinning of the financial markets. By this, next to the banks, also countries and currencies are under pressure. Key-question of the symposium is if the announced measures will be sufficient to avert the crisis. Is the danger averted or is the crisis in Europe forerunner of a world-wide rearrangement of financial resources, power and prosperity? And what does it mean for business and for citizens?

Speakers: prof. Jaap van Duijn (ex-Robeco) "Limits to growth 'revisited', prof. Frank den Butter (Free University) "The great contengation"; drs. Koos Timmermans (Vicepresident Board of directors ING) "Banks and the eurocrisis", drs. Erik Wilders (Director Ministry of Finance Agency) "Things that will pass" and dr. Liesbeth Noordegraaf (NSOB)
September 1997 a citizen wrote in a letter to a former Dutch Minister of Finance due to the transition from the Dutch guilder to the euro: “southern and eastern European countries will still have to perform painful operations to ensure their budgets”.
Politics answered: “the euro must become a success. Guarantees are laid down in the Maastricht Treaty and in the Stability Pact of Dublin”

November 2011 politics came up with rescue plans and real pressure.
The citizen wrote:
work together with good governance, it touches balances of payments and thus everybody”.

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